Batu Caves

Today we went to the Batu Caves and I found it amazing so I thought why don’t I share it with you I hope you enjoy!

Batu Caves is one of the most iconic places in the whole of Malaysia. May people visit the caves each year. The main cave of Batu is the most tourist full and highest cave of them all. There are over 272 steps in total now that’s a lot of steps. All over the caves there are monkeys and different species of them. There is a statue heading upwards which is 47 metres tall and also made of gold. It is in the honour of Lord Murugan. Inside the main cave the ceiling is highest at 100 metres high. One of the main highlights of the cave is the opening in the ceiling that reveals a jungley world up above and also illuminates the cave. There are also temples inside the cave. It is quite devastating that they paint the walls mint green. It is not like the cave is not beautiful enough without the paint. There are also monkeys inside of the cave and you can buy some nuts to feed them with; which is very cool and exciting they are very delicate when taking it out of your hand. When you enter the cave you have to carry a brick into pile of bricks inside the caves.


There is another cave that is called the dark cave. You go on a 45 minute tour into a cave that is pitch black and you see what is in their; you obviously have a flash light to guide you around. There is a population of over 200,000 bats in the dark cave alone. So that is a lot of bats; there are also a species of trapdoor spider that you can only find in that cave! There are also a species of snake that live in the cave that are venomous but cannot kill humans. The walk is 850 m deep for tourists but is a lot deeper for specialists that try and discover more information about the cave. There are three parts to the cave a guiding area and two limited access areas. Before you enter the tour area you are given a hard hat and a flashlight, I guess this is for safety reasons. during the tour there is a time where everyone turns off there torches and you are in pitch black you cannot see a thing. There are over 157 steps inside the cave. There are over 3 different rock formations in the cave that are all very incredible and fascinating. There are many different types of rocks in there and the main rock is marble and limestone and that makes the cave look amazing. One of the best parts is an opening in the cave that looks like a big sinkhole and it is almost like a dimensional portal. In my opinion this was the best bit of the caves even though there is a fee. It is definitely worth it.


There is also a cave called the lingam cave and the word ‘lingam’ is translated to willy or penis. You enter the cave on a bridge that goes over a large pool of water that is fed by the waterfall. You enter the cave and it is full of Hindu gods carved to re-in act some scenes out of sacred Hindu books. They are incredible and are painted and carved out of the rock from the walls. A bit further on in the cave there is a stairwell that leads up to a big open space. And there you can see a lingam shaped rock formation inside a cave. It looks amazing. On the opposite side there is a fenced off cave which was an amazing space and a great picture. The lingam was also fenced off and was a hard picture to get. It is so sad that there is graffiti on the walls and who would do that to a place like that.


Overall Batu Caves is an amazing place to visit and is a definite thing to put on your what to do list so I hope you enjoy it if you go there because I definitely did.

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