Twin Towers

\Today I went to the twin towers and it was amazing. We had to go into the capital city and it was chaos it was also my first huge city that I have been to so it was also kind of cool but still very buisy. We started in a mall and had some breakfast because we were very hungry; I had two doughnuts and my mum and iysha went to a restaurant called Francos because they didn’t have a doughnut and had some french toast. I didn’t feel well and  I was sick for the first time in my whole entire life I didn’t know what it felt like so I was confused;  so that was bad:(. After that I felt better; I was sick on my shorts a bit so we had to go to the toilet and wipe it down. BUt they were wet and smelt a bit so went for some shorts and I got some nice ones. We thought why don’t we go to the best tourist place in the whole of malaysia the twin towers.

We got there and they were massive and they were the biggest buildings in the world until 2004 when taipei 101 waInstagram_Photos built. They were full of metal. I took a few pictures and they were incredible. I wondered what happened when lightning struck because it would obviously be struck. So I thought that they had some anti-electricity film on it. It was one of my best experiences; there where a lot of tourists though. They where amazing I had never experienced anything like it before it was amazing.

We went to a park and there were fountains; the show was amazing. It wasn’t any normal park there was water and bridges and pools. The pool was closed for maintenance though. There was a giant metal whale in the middle of the water it added a amazing touch. There was also a gigantic park and you could see the twin towers. I played on the swings for a bit and then we wanted to go. There were also not a lot of people. After we had a look round and we went to the park and we went to a food place. We got a ginger ale and I got a cucumber and pickle sandwich with alioli on it was good.

After that we went to another shopping mall to look at things. Theres not much else to talk about and I had a great day apart from the start. I hope your day was as good as mine hope you are all ok.

Over and Out

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