My opinion on Bali

Today I thought why don’t I share my thoughts on Bali and what I think about it. As seen as I have been here three weeks now.

Lets start of with what I like about Bali. I like the food in Bali it is  very flavourful and will never let you down. My favourite meal I have had here is Gado-Gado when we went to the ceremony. I also like how jungly it is and how many different animals there are. Our current venue is in the forest and is really nice. I think that it makes a room feel nice and secluded when in the jungle. I also like the Balinese people and I like seeing the culture that they show. For example when we went to the ceremony I was mesmerised by how different cultures are. Bali has a lot of nice thing indeed.

In every country there is somethings that are bad and I am going to tell you them in my opinion now. BAli is very full of Hippies and tourists and it kind of ruins the country. In some places you can hardly move there are that many tourists. Motorbikes; there are loads of motorbikes in Bali and they can be very dangerous and it can be really hard to cross the road sometimes. Like in every different country there are mosquitoes and in Bali there is a lot of them; this is said to be because the island is mainly jungle. Last but not least there is the rubbish issue; there is rubbish everywhere in Bali so if that was removed that would be amazing. There are not that many bad things in Bali so overall it is a good place.

At the moment I am hoping that my dad has room for me to go to Turkey with him because I love it when we go on holiday. Tomorrow we are probably going on a bike tour which will be really cool and I will tell you about that in tomorrows post.

Hope you had a good day like I did

Over and Out

3 thoughts on “My opinion on Bali

  1. I spent two months living in Bali and can’t wait to go back. Totally agree about the rubbish, it’s a shame there’s not a waste system as its such a beautiful place.


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