Food & Language

Today I wrote about Balinese food and Languages; I hope you enjoy it!


The Balinese eat a lot of different types of food and in my opinion all taste really good. You may think in Bali it is just like Indian food but it is not they have their own style of cooking. Many toFood & Language 2urists come to Bali to try the food. The Balinese grow rice all over their country and that is why rice is served with nearly every dish. One of the traditional Balinese dishes is Gado Gado and is vegetables and sprouts with a peanut sauce and tofu. Many tourists like this dish and you can try it for yourself on the streets of Bali. Another great Balinese dish is Nasi Goreng; it is fried rice with vegetables and sometimes meat. In Indonesian it literally mean ‘fried rice’ many people like this dish. On the Indonesian island its people eat a lot of pork. I do not know why but it is said to be a sign of wealth if you order pork of a menu. The Balinese people are also big fans of seafood that is why on most menus there are big seafood sections.


What Language do the Balinese Speak?

Most of the Balinese people speak Indonesian. It is not exact Indonesian though there are a few slight twists. The Balinese Indonesian has the same alphabet as English. There is also another language spoke in Bali and that is Javanese that is pretty similar to Indonesian. The high casts of Bali speak Food & LaguageJavanese; in Bali they have a cast system so they have lower cast higher cast and upper cast. So the king of Bali and the priests speak. The Balinese say the gods speak Javanese and not Balinese. You would say Halo in Bali that means hello in English; and to say thank you is Terima Kasih. Even though the Balinese language is not widely spoken it is still as important as any other language.

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