Culture 2

Today I wrote a bit more about Balinese culture; in the next two paragraphs you will find out about what the Balinese Ceremonies are like and also what the Balinese music is like. I hope you enjoy it!



There are many ceremonies across Balinese culture and they are done for many different reasons. One of the main reasons that they are done is because of a bad day; it might sound weird but it isn’t. The Balinese follow three calendars the western calendar, the Balinese calendar and the moon calendar. When one day is the saCulture 4me on all three calendars it is a bad day; and when it is they say that dark spirits come down and try to cause havoc. So to stop this from happening the Balinese have a celebration and everyone offers the dark spirits things; for example Meat, Flowers, Water, Chocolate and so on. They do this to try and please the spirits and make them go away. There are also ceremonies dedicated to the Balinese deities and they give them offerings. In each town village or city there are three temples; one to the west, one the east and one to the north. So there are lots of temples in each town. There is a dress code for ceremonies and you have to wear a white or yellow top and a sarong on the bottom. At most ceremonies there is a priest and they sit in the main bit of the temple. It is a tradition that during a special ceremony that an animal is killed in front of the priest. This is sacrificing for the gods. The ceremonies are done very thoroughly and are never a let down.



Music plays a big part in Balinese culture and is very important to the people. One of the main instruments of Bali is the gamelan; it is a instrument that is not meanCulture 5t to sound in tune but to sound out of tune. The gamelan is also made to play with other instruments like the symbols or the hand drum. Balinese music is meant to interlock with each other’s sound and make a sound that would be impossible for one instrument to make. The music that is played in Bali is the polar opposite to western music and is said to be a greater way to create sound. The gong is also a great thing to play the gamelan with. This combination is used in many ceremonies.

Yesterday I found out that I might be going on holiday to turkey with my dad and I would love to see him. My favourite times with my dad are when we are on holiday; so I hope that I get to see him.

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