My Day

Today is just going to be a normal blog post where I will talk about what I have done today and what I am going to do tomorrow. 

So today I have been chilling out in the villa while my mums trainee yoga teachers where doing their exam. My mum woke me up for food at about 10 for food and I went and everyone had passed their exam yay! They still had one more thing to so though and that was a written exam but they couldn’t fail so they had all become yoga teachers. Me and Iysha went to the shop to get beers for everyone and I got a fanta and we all had a celebration in the pool and on the decking. The boys had gone out though. Everyone was looking forward to our tofu burgers. The boys said that they where getting some corn so I asked for a peaunut butter one it might sound wiered but its really tasty. The man barbecues them. I also asked them for another fanta because I had a small can so yeah. They got back and we had finished our burgers and theirs where in the fridge so they had theirs. One of the boys brought back a tribal dart shooter which you blow into and the dart fures out. So I played with that and then had a shower and now I am in bed.

Tomorrow we are going to be going to be going to a beach that is hidden away it looks exciting. We are going to do another thing aswell but I dont know what that is yet. Some of the people are going up a volcano to see the sun rise and they have to set off really early in the morning (1:00 am). I wanted to go but mum said it would be to hard for me so we are not going. I can’t wait for tomorrow and I have had a good day and I hope you have to.

Over and Out

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