A few days ago I wrote about what trees do for us and how they grow there are many things that they do for us and they are very important to find out more read this blog post; I hope you enjoy it!



How do Trees Grow?

Trees grow in two ways. Special cells at the tips of twigs divide, making the twigs grow. Also, a lTrees 1ayer of cells underneath the bark, the cambium, divides, widening the trunk and branches. The new cells that the cambium makes form a visible ring inside the trunk and branches. Trees need many things to grow they need direct sunlight and also water. The trees also need carbon dioxide to breath in and oxygen to breath out. It is like a human we need oxygen to breath in and carbon dioxide to breath out we also need water and food pretty similar to us humans.


How do Trees Help us

Trees help us a lot; they keep us alive. When the trees breath they breathe in Carbon Dioxide (the gas that we breathe out) and breathe out oxygen (the gas the we breathe in). If there were no trees on planet earth theTrees 2n we would not be able to breathe. This is why there are many protests across the world about how many trees we are cutting down. One hundred and nineteen billion trees have been cut down; that is seventeen times the population of earth. That is a lot of trees that have been cut down over seventeen years. There is estimated seven million trees cut down each year. It is unknown how many trees are planted each year but in the US there are 1.6 billion trees planted each year.


What do we use Wood for?

We us wood for hundreds of things including toilet paper. If you go round your house you will at least find ten things that are made of wood. If you go to school you will be using wood every day when you are writing in your school book you are writing on a tree you wouldn’t think that you are but you are. Most tables are made with wood this is because of how durable it is and how widely available it is. If you have blinds in your bedroom then you might have some more wood. There are many more things that we use wood for and I can’t tell you them all. See how many things are made out of wood in your house.


How we can Keep Our Trees

We need to make sure that we do not run out of trees because they help us breathe. They also give us a lot of resources. To sustain our trees we need to recycle. When we recycle trees 3the paper or wood is reused and is made into something again. Many people just chuck paper and wood into the bin and then it won’t be used again. Always put paper in the recycling. Since two thousand there has been many campaigns launched to stop as many trees getting cut down. This has helped but there needs to be education on what trees do for us and what happens if they all get cut down. The more people know about the effects the more people who will recycle.

So I just tout my mums yoga group and i feel that I could of planned it a bit better but everyone liked it. I got some good feedback which will make me grow so thank you and I wonder when I will next teach. I hope you enjoyed my post on trees and what they do for us if you did comment down below about what you liked about it.

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