Today I wrote about the amazing sight in Jordan in the middle east; I hope you enjoy it.



Petra is a historical and archeological sight in southern Jordan. The name Petra also means rose city because the color of the rocks all through the carved city is a rosy pink color. The city is known for itPetra 3s great architecture and water conduit system. In 312 Petra was built as the capital of the Arab Nabataens. It is a symbol of Jordan; it is also Jordan’s most visited tourist site. The Arab Nabataens where nomadic and they took advantage of Petra and made it their major trading hub. The rose city is also located on the Jabel al-Madhabah slope (also known as the biblical Mount Hor). The sight was unknown to the western world until 1812 when a Swiss explorer Johan Ludwig Burckhardt discovered the desert palace. It is described as one of the most precious mad made thing on the planet.


The beautiful sight in Jordan has threats to its true majesties. The site suffers from many different threats. The sight has a threat of all of the buildings falling down due to natural causes; it is also at threat of erosion due to rainwater and flooding. The sight also has a threat of uncontrollable tourism that could harm the mind-blowing sight. In 1989 there Petra 2was a establishment made up called the Petra National Trust (PNT) which was created to try and stop these threats. In the last decade most of our wonders of the world have been eroded by 5% that is a lot for 10 years. There has been many things to try and protect our wonders and there has been a book published by UNESCO and ICOMOS recently which explains the threats on our wonders by both nature and man. This is why all across the world different comities are being created to try and stop this from happening.


Petra 1Over all Petra is one of the most culture rich wonders on our earth and I am sure it will be remembered and treasured for thousands of years to come. I hope that the sight will be protected and will keep its majesties.



Tomorrow I am going to be teaching my mums trainee teachers about how crystals can heal. I am very excited about teaching them this; I have put a lot of effort into it.  I am feeling a bit sad because I am missing my dad but I am loving out here. I am really enjoying it and I can’t wait to continue with my travels. I am feeling a bit fearful about teaching What happens if I mess up? What happens if people don’t like it?. I know I can do it though.

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