Cyclone Cook

A couple of days ago I wrote about Cyclone Cook which was the big storm that was happening in New Zealand I found it really interesting to learn about.

Cyclone Cook

Cyclone CookThe Cyclone Cook hit New Zealand yesterday and has been noted as one of the worst storms in 50 years. New Zealand is always under threat of Tsunamis and Earthquake
s and also a lot more. So far there has been severe floods and also very fast wind. At 6pm on Thursday it is expected that the winds will reach up to 102 mph, there is also landfall predicted a landfall could cause great devastation. Last week there was a cyclone called Cyclone Debbie that hit the Bay of Plenty region on the north island and has already caused great destruction and now they are going to be hit again.


A cyclone ICyclone cook 2s the same as a Hurricane or a Typhoon; but the difference is that Typhoons are created in the Northwest Pacific ocean, Hurricanes are created in the Atlantic Ocean and Cyclones are created in the Southwest Pacific and the IndiaCyclone Cook 3n Ocean. In a Cyclone the clouds start to swirl and this can cause fast winds and also heavy rain and that is why they are so destructive. As with most storms a cyclone is created when hot and cold air bind it can create a vacuum that will create swirl in the clouds. The taps in the water are created by the suction and make such a force that the water is pulled up.


The New Zealanders are being advised to evacuate to a less targeted area on the North Island for their safety. News reporters have said that the New Zealanders have not taken this warning as serious as they need to. We hope that they are ok !



It has been two weeks since I left England now and I am missing my dad as I think he will be missing me too. I have also been feeling about how sometimes I don’t let my dad in and I don’t show him much love and I need to start changing that. I hope that he is ok and I will always love him.

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