Bali Gods

Today I wrote about the gods in Bali and I found it quite interesting I hope you enjoy it!



The Gods

The Gods come from many different religions and one of the main religions that they come from is Hinduism; one of the most worshiped religions in Asia. Some of the gods even come from the Javanese island; for example Dewi Sri is mainly worshiped in Java. This shows how diverse the Gods are in Bali. They don’t just all come from one religion.


Dewi Sri

Dewi Sri is the god of rice and fertility. This is why the farmers on the rice fields tend to worship this god the most. The Balinese Hindus say that if Dewi Sri didn’t exist that the world would not grow and plants or rice. Dewi Sri is believed to have dominion over the underworld and also the moon. The rice god is thought to have been related with the rice paddy snake, which slithers around in the rice fields all around Bali.



Even though Vishnu is a Hindu god the Balinese Hindus still worship it. Vishnu is the Hindu god of Protection. The Balinese Hindus say that if you worship Vishnu then you are under protection from the Deity. That is one of the main reasons that they worship god they believe it will keep them away from starvation and thirst. They also believe that the deity protects the world from being destroyed. It is also believed that Vishnu comes to the earth in 9 forms and he has so far come in as two Karma and Rama. This is why he is recognized as the highest god.



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