Bali Art

Today I have completed the art part of my Bali project I thought why don’t I share it with you; I hope you enjoy it

Wood Carving

The Balinese people are very skilled at Wood Carving and have been doing it for many years and passing it down to their young ones. As the years have gone by the Balinese have started to forget the trait. In one of the main cities of Bali called Ubud there are many traditional wood carvers and they make beautiful sculptures. For the Balinese people this trait is vital for money. A very poor local could sell a wood carving for a lot of money and that can change their life. The Balinese people wish that they still new the trait but it is now only a few people that know it.


Balinese Art

Traditional Balinese art is fascinating because of the complexness of the artwork they would resemble what a simple day would be like and also what the different casts would do. I think that it looks like the modern day book of ‘Where’s Wally’. These pieces of art work take great precision to do and that is why only a few (even when they where made) could create these master pieces. These pieces of artwork sell for a lot of money and are seen in many culture museums. They where made when the hindu-javenese culture hit the Indonesian island.


Overall the island of Bali is a very arty place

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