Bali Culture

Today I have wrote about culture in Bali I am going to share it with you know.



What are Rice Paddies?

Rice Paddies are rice fields that grow semiaquatic rice. Many people can get confused between deep-water rice that is grown in 50 cm deep water. The Rice Paddies have been all over Bali over the last 2,000 years; it has become part of the Balinese culture and anywhere where there is a gap they will try and fill it with a rice field. Most of the villagers that don’t have much money grow rice fields this is because of the money that you can make it is not a lot but enough to feed their family.


Who are the Balinese People?

The Balinese people are the original people from Bali. They have Indonesian and also Nepalese; there is also a mix of Asian features in the Balinese People. The Balinese weren’t originally from Bali they migrated from the Indonesian islands of Kalimantan and also Java. Kalimantan is an Indonesian owned part of Borneo in Southeast Asia. The migrators where said to be the first people to discover Bali and that is why they got there name; you never know if they were the first people to discover the mystical island though.


Wood Carvers

The Balinese people have grown a specialty in carving wood. They would carve wooden pictures of animals and sunset’s people are amazed all around the world by the Balinese peoples craftsmanship. They also carve table bottoms if you go into Balinese cafés you can see you may be able to see one they involve precise cuts. There are many more things that the Balinese people can do to do with art.

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