Bali Project

Today I am starting a Bali project and this time is a big one. Today I am going share my introduction with you I hope you enjoy it.



Where is Bali?


Bali is an Island off the East coast of the main Indonesian island therefore Bali is in Indonesia. Bali’s capital city Is Denpasar which is at the south of the island and in the capital is the only airport on the whole of the island. The island is also situated 8 degrees away from the equator so that is why it is mainly summer all year round. During the rainy season there is rainforest storms that tend to last at an average of 1 hour.


What are the Tourist Attractions?


First I am going to talk about the natural reasons to visit Bali. The majestic volcanoes near the north of the island are mainly dormant but still an amazing place to visit. The large rainforests are a very humid place but a great place to go for a walk; you should always try and walk with a tour guide because you can easily get lost in the rainforests. The other natural destination is the beaches you can find a good beach in Bali and when you find one you will love it. There are also beautiful traditional temples in Bali that are a great place to visit. Uluwatu Temple which is in Kuta at the south of the island is one of the most fascinating temples in the whole of Bali this is because of the fact that it is on the top of a cliff right next to the water and gives you a great view. Over all Bali is a great island for tourists.

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