Time for the Villa

Today we have moved from tat bungalow to a gigantic villa in a different part of the North Kuta; it is beautiful and very big. There is a pool in the back garden and it is amazing it looks like it goes on forever. The downstairs is open so you can go into the back yard with out having to open a door it is very cool. The whole of the downstairs is made with white marble and wood it looks very modern. There is a fish tank underneath the stairs is a great Affect. There 6 bedrooms in total and they all have an open door sized wind  is very cool. Upstairs there is Also a balcony surrounding it the which is great for when you wan’t to have a look outside. There is a big room inbetween the two bedrooms upstairs; it has a large wooden floor and a lot of space. That is why the yoga is being held up Reviews their. This is a perfect villa to do retreats and Also a family holiday!

I am feeling happy that we have got this place and how lucky I am to stay in a place like this. I am still missing my dad as I always will. I also can’t wait for are next adventure but I am still enjoying this one a lot. I am lucky to have a mum that will take me away with her and I appreciate that. Today has been epic and I hope tomorrow will be as well. I am now going to show you some pictures of the bungalow and also the villa. Enjoy!


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