The Beach

Today we got up at about 11 o’ clock and I had I really nice sleep; I really needed so did my mum I think. Our plan for the day was to go to the beach and chill out. I couldn’t wait to go to the beach because I wanted to get in the water. We needed some food so we went to the nice restaurant down the road called Sprout; I like it there because the food is nice and fresh. We all had buckwheat pancakes which were really tasty because they were nuce and fluffy. I also had a amazing smoothie that was called Bluebird. It was blueberries and yoghurt It was yummy.

Once we finished our food we got a taxi to the beach as we were passing through the main town all we could see was hippies. They were all smoking; hippies are just people that have dreads and talk like this “So conscious man!”. We arrived at the beach and all I could see was people getting drunk it was horibble. Everywere there was litter and it is bad how people ruin our planet; we need to look after it. The Ocean was full of bottles and containers it was disgusting. We went down some stairs that lead down to the beach and we found are  spot a bit further down. The beach was full of litter it was discraceful. We played in the sea and had a. Ice sun bathe; there were loads of surfers there. We stayed on the beach for about 1 hour and then we went to go and get a snack and a get a drink from somwhere. We were walking past all of the meat shops and it looks horrible a big red chunk of flesh … yuk. We finally found a place and it was mexican we had some tortillas, grilled corn, mum had some sangria and I had some tropical juice it was really good. It started raining while we were at the restaurant it was a storm.

Once we finished we walked down the street into the main town which was very noisey; we were looking for a place to eat and finally we found somwhere called the Avacado Cafe. I got a lentil burger mum got vegetable wok and Iysha got a black bean burger. They were dead good; we all really enjoyed it. Once we finished we ordered a taxi we had a problem ordering one this was because when we ordered a taxi it would cancel it. We finally got one but there was loads of traffic (wich was probably why they were cancelled before) so it took ages to get home. We got home had a shower and started chilling out and that is what we are doing now . It is really cheap out here and also nice but I can’t wait to get to our villa with the pool!

Over and Out

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