Bali Temple

Today we are going to visit a temple in Bali and I cant wait. I have not been to a temple yet round here. We also might go to a beach. The temple looks amazing and it will be great to find out all the information on the local culture.  So today is going to be fun. Yesterday I had a lot of fun we woke up at about mid day, it felt really good to have a lie in. Then we went for coffee and pancakes. So far I am loving it in Bali. The pancakes were amazing but very hot for this weather. My mum had an avacado salad with a poached egg on top it looked amazing. 

We didn’t end up going to the temple this was because my mum was tired so she had a 2 hour nap.  I understand why she needed it she has had a lot on. So later in the day we went to a nice cafè and had some food I had summer rolls and also char grilled wedges. They were really good. The summer rolls where rapped in this see through rice thing it tasted good though. Iysha and my mum had a veggie burger and it looked tasty. Then we walked back to the room. We were going to watch the sun set but mum had some stuff to do.

Today I am feeling a bit better I am starting to like Bali and also my Jet Lag is not as bad. I am hoping to get a full nights sleep tonight. I am still missing my dad as I always will. I hope he is ok. I still feel very spaced out at the moment and I think that is because I still have Jet Lag.

Over and Out

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