I have been travelling to Bali over the last couple of days so I have been unable to post on it. It took along time to get here we had to go on 3 flights. We got a train to manchester the night before and then stayed at Iysha’s mums. We had to get out of bed at 3:00 am in the morning and then we went to the airport. It took so long to go through the check in and security. We had lots of flights one from manchester to dussledorf, dussledorf to singapore and singapore to bali. After that last flight we got here. On the one to singapore and the one from singapore we went on singapore airlines and it was amazing. One of the best airlines I have ever been on. 

I am feeling a bit sad because I have left my dad and I love him. It is starting to kick in that I don’t really have a home. I can’t wait dor what we are going to do in bali.

I am sorry for not posting over the last couple of days and I will nake sure that I start to post again.

Over and Out

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