My opinion on Bali

Today I thought why don’t I share my thoughts on Bali and what I think about it. As seen as I have been here three weeks now. Lets start of with what I like about Bali. I like the food in Bali it is  very flavourful and will never let you down. My favourite mealContinue reading “My opinion on Bali”

Food & Language

Today I wrote about Balinese food and Languages; I hope you enjoy it! Food The Balinese eat a lot of different types of food and in my opinion all taste really good. You may think in Bali it is just like Indian food but it is not they have their own style of cooking. ManyContinue reading “Food & Language”


A few days ago I wrote about what trees do for us and how they grow there are many things that they do for us and they are very important to find out more read this blog post; I hope you enjoy it! Trees   How do Trees Grow? Trees grow in two ways. SpecialContinue reading “Trees”


Today I wrote about the amazing sight in Jordan in the middle east; I hope you enjoy it. Petra   Petra is a historical and archeological sight in southern Jordan. The name Petra also means rose city because the color of the rocks all through the carved city is a rosy pink color. The cityContinue reading “Petra”

Roswell Incident

Today I wrote about the Roswell incident and I found it quite fascinating and exciting to hear about different peoples perspectives on this crash. I Hope You Enjoy It! Roswell The Roswell Incident was a suspected UFO crash in mid 1947. The US military claimed that it was just a weather balloon. Many talks were goingContinue reading “Roswell Incident”

Cyclone Cook

A couple of days ago I wrote about Cyclone Cook which was the big storm that was happening in New Zealand I found it really interesting to learn about. Cyclone Cook The Cyclone Cook hit New Zealand yesterday and has been noted as one of the worst storms in 50 years. New Zealand is alwaysContinue reading “Cyclone Cook”


The other day I wrote about lightning and how it was caused I found it very interesting. I hope you enjoy it ! Lightning   What is Lightning? Lightning is a bright flash of electricity caused by a thunderstorm. All thunderstorms produce lightning and lightning is dangerous. If you hear the sound of thunder youContinue reading “Lightning”