Letter of Complaint

A few weeks ago I started writing a letter of complaint about littering to Lancaster County council and I thought why don’t I share it with you. It was really fun writing this letter. I started to write it because on day me and Iysha were walking through are local park and I saw a lot of litter and then I thought why don’t I write about it so that is what I did I hope you enjoy my letter.

Lancaster Council

Dear Sir/Madam:

Recently in Ryland’s park near Skerton I have noticed a considerable amount of litter in the park and I think it is destroying Lancaster. We as citizens of Lancaster have the right to inform you about this and we expect you to take action. The other day I saw someone in the act of doing it and it was right next to a bin.

The reason that I am so concerned is that we could destroy Lancaster and turn it into a junkyard and we need to stop this from happening. We also have a lot of wild life in Lancaster and that could be threatened because of the litter. For example a fox or a bird could easily get trapped in a can or in a bag and then they could die and the other animals could flee.

There are many ways that we can stop this and I am going to tell you them now:

·       Place more bins in Lancaster and in the parks so there is no excuse to not put their rubbish in the bin.

·       You can go into schools and give kids litter talks and the effects that it has on the animals and the world. This could make it so the future generations do not come across our problem.

·       You can bump up the fine so people do not take the risk.

These can change the way that people think and also make them put their rubbish in the bin.

I hope you take my letter in consideration and try and improve this problem with litter which could change the world.

Yours Sincerely,

Master Caspar Drummond

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