A Nice Get Away

Last night my mum said ” Iysha’s mum has rented a little log cabin in the Yorkshire Dales do you want to go and visit her for a night?” so I said ” why not, yes lets go.” So me my mum and Iysha set off at about 3:00 after Iysha had done her massage. The little cabin was in a place called Constable Burton; it was a small town.  We followed the sat nav the whole way and then we ended up in a farmers field! Luckily Iysha phoned her mum and we were directed there.

When we got there I saw a Hot Tub in the back garden and also a sauna. Then we went inside and it was beautiful everything was made out of wood. As soon as I got in I put my swimming trunks on and asked “Could anyone please open the hot tub?” and everyone laughed. When I finally got in it I felt relaxed and happy that we had come up. I got out for a bit and had some crisps.

It was about an hour later when everyone shouted “Lets get in the hot tub!” So we all got in for about an hour. Then we went in the sauna which was really nice. When we got in we realised we hadn’t had any tea or lunch so Iysha said I’ll make some pizza so she made pizza with puff pastry! We all loved it; we let are food digest and then got in the hot tub again. This time we were in it for about 2 hours and when we got out we all went to bed.

Our bedroom was very nice and everything was wooden; the walls were made out of logs which was really nice. The shower was massive; it was very powerful as well. Once we got in bead we realised how comfy the bed was and me and my mum slept like a log. WE woke up and didn’t want to leave.

I had the best time I have in ages. All thanks to Iysha’s Mum.

Thats all from me

Over and Out

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