Because Bali is my first destination I might as well write about it. So I am going to write about the amazing Island of Indonesia. So now I am going tell you about it.



Bali is an Indonesian Island known for its majestic rainforests and mind-blowing volcanoes. It is a very popular tourist Island because of the yoga and meditation retreats. Bali has a very unique Indonesian culture, which imprints such things as the pagoda buildings and also very tasty food.


Bali has a large variety of different animals and is largely populated by coral in the oceans. Many people travel to Bali to go deep sea diving and look at the beautiful fish and coral, which can largely vary. There are also Lions and Tigers in Bali in the rainforests. There are also camels, which you can see in some of the national parks there. The magical island is also home to thousands of monkeys that roam around the streets during the daytime.


The Balinese culture is known for its Dance, Drama and sculpture. These traits come form the religions of Balinese Hindu and Buddhism. The people of Bali populate 89% of the Island but only 1.7% of the whole of Indonesia! The Balinese people are native to the culture rich island. Bali is also known for its temples in all places. In poor and neglected villages you can often spot large and beautiful temples.


Over all Bali is a great (and very popular) place to visit, this is because of its amazing forestry and culture. There is also great tourist attractions and a great place to visit with the family.

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