Bermuda Triangle

Today is mothers day and I am realising how lucky I am to have a mum like I have now. I am really lucky to have 2 parents that both love me. I am also feeling how lucky I am to have a chance to travel the world.

Today I have been go karting with my dad and I came 3rd I am going to miss him. He cares about be and I know he just wants the best for me and I understand that.

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devils Triangle is a loosely defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. It gets its name the Devils Triangle because of the numerous occasions that aircrafts and ships have gone missing.


The triangle is one of the heaviest shipping lanes in the world because of the deliveries to Europe, America and also the Caribbean. Over 1,000 ships and planes have been lost over the Bermuda triangle. The area of mystery was first noted in 1614. It was noted that on a ship sailing through the Bermuda triangle that ‘There were sparkling lights all around me.’ Many people might find this creepy, but the fact is that the Bermuda triangle is the most heavily sailed over and flown over place in the world, so it gives it the same chance for a ship to sink or a plane to crash than in every other place in the world.


As you would expect there are many conspiracies about why these planes and ships disappear. One of the more reasonable theories is that there are certain electro-magnetic wave systems in that area that can mess with compasses and directing systems and lead the pilots off track. There has also been lots of UFO sighting in the Bermuda triangle so people say that the crew of the ships may be abducted. That would lead to the ship crashing. People claim that you cant find the remains of the ships because of the under water trench that they supposedly sink into which over 3,000 feet deep.

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