Its Getting Close

It is only a week until I go away now and it is coming close to mothers day. 

It is getting close to when I go. I will probably be back in late july early august. I am getting excited but also I am starting to feel about how much I will miss my dad. My dad has done alot for me and I really respect my dad. I love him and thank him for everything that he as done for me. I am also feelimg that I am being an idiot.

Today i have realised that I do not put enough effort into my school work and I need to start changing that. I know that I need to do my school work properly to make me clever and I have been doing it half heartedly and as I said I need to change this. I am getting upset about the fact that i am not working propely and I really need to change this and put my all into my school work. I have been sloppy with my blog posts and I can admit that. I say that I am going to change every day but I do not and I need to sort that out. Tomorrow I am going to try my hardest at my schooling and try my hardest from every day onwords. Why do I put this pressure on my mum I need to stop it.

I have just been a pain in the backside of the last couple of days and I need to change.

It is also getting close to mothers day andI i am realising how much my mum has done for me. I fully respect her and thank her for everything she has done. I am also thankful for my mum letting me to go travelling with her. If I dont sort out my act there is no point her taking me.

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