My Travel Plans

In two weeks time I leave to teach my yoga teacher training program in Bali! Where I will stay until the end of April . From there I will venture to Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur to see the Batu caves and to visit the Bukit Merah orangutan island Sanctuary. Then onto Burma to Yangon to see the glittering Shwedagon temples . Bagan is next to experience something I’ve always dreamt of – flying over Burma in a hot air balloon. From there … who knows ?

During travelling i am deffonetely going to stay in contact with my dad and message him every day. At the moment i feel that i am not making the best efforts to spend time with my dad so i am going to change that and try and spend as much time with him as i can. On Mothers day i think i will spend the day with my dad and his girlfriend because it is my last week with him!! I love my dad and I always will
I am getting really excited for my travels and I can’t wait until we set off on our travels. My mum is starting to get nervous but i am just excited. I know that i will start to miss my dad but I will be able to cope. Now i am getting really excited.

I am sorry for not posting over the weekend please comment and get in contact.

Over and Out

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