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Today I have finished my castle rigg project and i have tried my hardest and i am going to share it with you now.

Castle Rigg Stone Circle



Castle Rigg Stone Circle is one of hundreds of Stone Circles across the United Kingdom. People say this one is one of the most special Stone Circles in the UK because of its location and surroundings. The stone circle is located in the Lake District and is in Cumbria. There is a very fascinating thing about this circle though and that is the fact that mountains, in every direction, surround it and there is just one bit of flat land. There are many assumptions about how this occurred. The Stone Circle is also home to a little local town called Keswick. The stone circle was made in 3,000 BC.

The Stone Circle was made during the Neolithic period and was originally made with forty-two stones and now there are now only thirty-eight. Most of the stone circles across the UK where made in the Bronze Age and they were made for burials. The Stone Circle has not fully been exuviated so we do not know what it was made for or what is underneath the grass. People say that these sights were indefinitely important places for the Neolithic people to meet or even trade.


Thousands of tourists come and visit this sacred circle each year. Visitors when they are visiting are amazed as one man quoted ‘one of the most visually pretty prehistoric monuments in the whole of Britain.’ Many people say the same thing. People who are working with energy will say that it is a very clear place and a great place to pick up sole pieces.


From my experience at the circle I think it is a very strong energy center. I also feel the energy of the Divine Feminine around one rock, which is the middle picture on this piece of paper. The rock has got a woman on it made from the different contrasts of the rock. All these rocks all have their own energy and they are all powerful. I think it is beautiful when there is snow on the top of the mountains and it just makes it look like something out of a book. My mum and me tend to go to the stone circle a lot and we tend to spend a lot of the time sat against the rocks feeling the powerful energy of the Circle. One time when me and my mum where there we saw a group of Americans and they kept coming over to us and speaking to us and then one woman came over and said ‘My spirit guide told me to give you this crystal’ you could tell she didn’t want to but she did. She showed me how with a laser pen you could see the atoms of the crystal moving and that was awesome.

The Stone Circle has many theories on how it was made and why it was. One of the assumptions on why it was made was it was a meeting point. The early farmers (the ones that built it) would travel during seasons to find fresh grazing land and they say during high forestry it was an easy place to spot for the farmers. They used it for trading their crops. There is also a mystical assumption on how that flat land was created and that was that one-day a rather large asteroid hit a mountain in the Lake District. It created a flat space in the middle of the mountains and that was how the flat land was created; then they marked where the asteroid hit. Even though there are all of these assumptions of how and why it was made it is not known why or how this beautiful historical monument was built.


Many early farming objects have been found around the stone circle. There has been three bronze axes found in the stone circle. It is pretty obvious that there has been an early farm there because of the new farm right next to the stone circle, which the man that owns the farm said

“I want to carry on the old Traditions.”

It is also a great place to graze because of the fresh grass and beautiful mountains.


People can also use the stone circle for astronomy. People say it could have also been used for the early farmers to measure time. This is because the stone circle is aligned with the Sun, the Moon and the stars. It was also said to be used during new moon and full moon to do sacred ceremonies because of the powerful energy of the mountains.


There is great amazement on how the early farmers put the stones up and also where they got them. No one knows what quarry these stone came from or where they found them. There were originally seventy stones in total; even humans today would find it hard to shift this many stones up mountains and in the middle of a field. Even with are modern day technology.

Over all the stone circle is a great place to visit for everything including camping. It is also a great sight for sight seeing.


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