Stone Circle

Today I have started a project on the Stone Circle near us and it is really exciting to learn about. So far I have learnt that the circle was made in the Neolithic ages and it is unknown why it is there and what is underneath it. The Stone Circle also has a 360 view of mountains and then it is just a flat space in the middle. That makes me think maybe a meteor hit their and they marked it out. By the way the stone circle that i am researching about is called the Keswick Stone Circle; go and check it out. I am also going to start writing about every sacred site that i go to. My favourite one which will be the most fun to write about is the Redi Fort (go and check it out!) it was in Mapusa, Goa, India and it was a magical place it had roots of trees going down the walls and right in front of it was a beach called paradise bay and was paradise. I will show you a picture of the sunset that I took.Redi Fort 3

It was probably my favourite picture that I have ever took! I will post what I wrote once I finish it! 🙂

Remember if any of you want to get in touch then just contact me on the contact page 😉

Today my mum has booked the villa that we are staying in during her yoga retreat and its cool its got a pool and everything. I am starting to feel very excited but also quite nervous and sad because i wont see my dad for ages. Are flights are booked though and we have two stops and it is going to take 20 hours all together. Not as bad as the flight from Dubai to New Zealand that was 15 hours! We stop at Singapore and we also stop somewhere in Germany. Of course we will stop at an airport for a bit after every flight but it will definitely be worth it when we get to Bali.

Thats all from me cant wait to leave England it is well boring zzzzzzz.

By the way i am going to start posting at 5 pm GMT (English Time)

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