The Adventure Begins

It is only three weeks until I set off to go to Bali with my mum…. i went to New Zealand and India a couple months ago and I had the time of my life. This time it is the real deal i am leaving England and going travelling. Are first stop is Bali where my mum is teaching a yoga teacher training course. We have rented a Villa in the jungle in the capital Denpasar and it looks amazing. We arrive there 4 days before the course begins. It has been hard moving all the stuff from the house and my mums old yoga studio. It has been emotionally hard for my mum and also a bit for me. I am ready to leave though and i cant wait to be travelling the world and seeing amazing things. All i know is that sometime after Bali we are going to Egypt. I also know that might be going to california and also Hawaii which i cant wait for because i have always wanted to go to America . Today someone has dropped a bomb on my mum and i really think it was not nice. Someone was trying to by the yoga studio that mum was selling. She was alright with that but she offered it to the people several months before. So as  you would my mum asked how come  you didn’t take it when I asked you to. She replied because in all honesty ______ not anyone could be bothered to deal with you.I think that was mean and let me say my mum is not a handful. She just tells the truth and doesn’t put up with any crap and i don’t blame her. I also feel sad about leaving because i am leaving my dad and i know how much he cares for me and he tries his hardest but i feel a bit safer with mum and also i feel that i have more of a home with my mum. I still will always love my dad but i feel that it is not right for me to be in. With my mum i sometimes feel a bit of a hard edge with her. I don’t know if that is my wounding or not. I also feel that the edge is good but sometimes she does when let me say i am wrapping up a mirror. I know that it is stressful for her though and it is hard for her to control her emotions and i fully understand. Mum has nearly packed the whole house.I can’t wait to leave and that is all from me; Over and Out. I will always love my mum forever and my dad and i know that hard edge from mum will go soon once she is not as stressed

2 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins

  1. Casper, thank you for sharing your journey.
    It’s so wonderful that you are committing to writing every day and I look forward to read and see the world through your sharings.
    My daughter is 12 years old and I will share with her too.
    I have been following your mom’s journey with you and admire your adventurous spirit and courage.
    In fact , you are both inspiring me.
    And what a great trooper you have been Casper in the mist of so many changes.
    I am so happy for both of you and wish you the best!
    Enjoy your new opportunities as you are and yes, soon after big transition all will become more relaxed.
    You are such a brave kid and your openness to experience life and share is remarkable!
    I live in California, and know your mom.
    If come this way, while I am still here , I would love to meet you and get a Crystal healing treatment.
    Cheers, and good travels.
    Anay Yah Silva

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    1. Thank You Anay Yah I will and I will continue to post every day and I thank you for looking at my blog and sharing it



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