Here at Caspar’s Blog we take a new approach on history. We analyse and delve into the past to help us find modern day solutions. Do the solutions to our economic, social, political and climatic turmoil lie in the past?

 “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

— Winston Churchill

About me

Caspar Drummond the creator of Caspar’s Blog is a 16 year old boy, living in France. He is a FIB (french international baccalauréat) student, specialising in Philosophy, Geopolitics, History and Economics. Bilingual since the age of 12, Caspar has been able to develop a wide scope of the world. Through his 2 years of travelling the world with his mother, as well as growing up in the UK and France.

Caspar has appeared on Humanity Rising, a global summit created by Ubiquity University and is a member of the Chartres Mystery School youth program faculty. He has attended the Chartres Mystery School since the age of 11 and the incredible experience allowed him to find his love for History, Geopolitics and research.

Delve into a new way of looking at history and discover the solutions that lie in our past.