Palm Oil

When it comes to vegetable oils palm oil is considered the most controversial of them all. Today we are going to delve into why that is.  

The oil is often found in products such as bread, ice cream, and other processed foods, as it is trans-fat free, as well as some cosmetics such as makeup and soap 

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From a classic steak to my speciality ’roundabouts’

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Caspar’s food is very delicious, it is a very modern approach to vegetarian food. I believe he’s bridging the gap between young meat eaters and vegetarians

Collette Corcoran

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Cheese an Onion Roundabout

A dish that has been invented here at the temple de la nourriture

Thai Green Curry

Packed full of asian flavours this is a fast and tasty dish


Vegan fried chicken made with a sacred recipe

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